Sequestration in South Africa

In a short while you will be able to find a solution to finally close the lid finally on your financial stresses by means of Sequestration in South Africa.

If you are reading this page the chances are that you are experiencing severe difficulties in managing your financial responsibilities. Please take the time and study the content of this website that explains the Sequestration process, as you may be surprised at the ease of regaining financial control through voluntary sequestration.

If as an individual you cannot pay your debts, one or more of your credit providers can apply to have your estate sequestrated. Alternatively you can apply for sequestration. In instances where you have a large amount of debt, which is going to take over 10 years (excluding your home loan) to pay back, then Voluntary Sequestration is a better option than Debt Review or Debt Management. It is the best legal mechanism  for sequestration in South Africa for an individual with debt problems and want to declare bankruptcy. 

Sequestration in South Africa rests on remodelling the financial structure of the excessively indebted; so as to permit rehabilitation and continuation of their business.

Benefits of Sequestration in South Africa

Green Debt exists to assist you in:

  • Disposing of every one of the those Private Calls. 
  • Quit being afraid of that  unannounced visit from the sheriff. 
  • Quit being anxious about private telephone calls. 
  • Quit escaping your loan bosses. 
  • Halting your high stress levels.

Green Debt exists to provide you with:

  • A chance to recover controle over your money. 
  • Move your focus to the more critical things in life and not loan bosses .
  • A chance to begin over with your financial affairs.
  • Also recover your part in the financial arenas.

The Sequestration in South Africa process:


Voluntary Sequestration

Sequestration in South Africa without a property

The surrendering of your estate is a process instituted by the Courts to help persons that are no longer in a position to honour their debts due to uncontrollable circumstances.



Sequestration in South Africa

Sequestration in South Africa with a property

The surrendering of your estate is a process instituted by the Courts to help persons that are no longer able to pay their debts due to circumstances out of their control.



Voluntary Sequestration will prove to be the answer to your prayers and enable you to have a fresh financial start in your life. Sequestration is regarded as the only process in South Africa to write off your debt completely. We provide debt assistance to help with all your debt problems.


You are a person with financial difficulties, not a criminal!

You deserve the right not to be treated as a criminal!